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Punish the body.

Discipline the mind.

Steel the heart.

Free the soul.


The Chosen have no choice.

For a thousand years, the theocracy of Brennor has endured, stable, secure, rich in the freedom of its people. And yet the Chosen, beloved of the gods, are not free.

For a thousand years, the rulers of Brennor have guarded the secret of the Chosen, the key to their unique gifts, the justification for their bondage. Now that secret is about to be exposed, and Brennor will be lost to the mad ambition, the insatiable revenge of one extraordinary man.

Only Gabriel of Morevale, Defender of the Faithful, can stop him. But to preserve the stability of the theocracy, Gabriel will unknowingly silence the one man who would reveal the truth. To protect the freedom of the people of Brennor, he will unwittingly destroy the one man who could set him free. Because Gabriel of Morevale is Chosen. Because he has no choice.