Mar 05 2012

Howard Pyle

Who, you might ask, is Howard Pyle?

He was one of America’s greatest artists and storytellers!

Why have I chosen to feature him on my blog?

I did so because he was born on March 5 (today, in case you haven’t noticed) and because he was the author/illustrator of one of my all-time favorite books:

What other works did he write or illustrate?

He produced illustrations for nearly 3,500 publications and about half of those images illustrated books and articles he authored – 200 magazine articles and 19 books!

When did he produce this astonishing body of work?

He was born in 1853 and died in 1911 at only 58 years of age.

Where is the greatest collection of his works?

The Delaware Art Museum, which was founded to house his artwork, has a remarkable collection of his works and personal papers.

How can you find his books to read for yourself (or share with a child)?

Many libraries still carry copies of his works, and Dover Publications has a wonderful selection both by and about him available for purchase (and, of course, there’s always Amazon)!